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Music education brought to you by real life, working musicians.

In 2009, we had the crazy idea to open a music school. Somewhere that people of all ages could come and have quality music tuition, with private tutors in an inspiring space. We had a small studio in Norwich, on ABC Wharf which is where our name came from. After a short while of that going ridiculously well, we started providing the same service to students in schools.. with our teachers visiting them on site to inspire them to learn the magic of a musical instrument or to find their singing voice. 

Now, we have an even better space which we call our Norwich HQ. It’s a Medieval church on Oak St, with a magnificent main hall, two sound proof teaching rooms and some office space. We adore this Grade 1* listed building, and even more so we adore seeing our new students walk into it for the first time. As you look up to the rafters, over at the Baby Grand or towards the huge glass windows.. you just know you’re in a building made for music. 

So, whether you are here today looking at starting some music lessons for yourself, maybe you’re an in-school music tutor looking for options for your school peripatetic lessons.. or maybe you’re a musician wanting to find a great space to work from… take a look at our website and drop us an email with any further questions. We would love to hear from you.  


Sam Coe, Creative Director

p.s. You can hire our main hall too! Check out the fantastic video above from Mammal Hands